Alpha Change log

Game play Updates: -Added Dragons To Dragons Pasture, They Randomly Spawn anywhere. -Added Some Monster Sounds. -Added Spell Shop in Sky Island as well as a bunch of Spells -Weapon Skills Added, can be bought from the Sword Master in the Guilds. -Added the Skyisland caves with Sythens in it. -Added Golems To the Eastern Mines -Added Road Right of Ember Castle -Added Fighting Arena, Everyone can now PVP!

Bug Fixes: -Fixed Bridge Orc and made him a Bridge Troll -Fixed walk through water on tut island -Fixed a few item animations, such as fish and swords -Fixed Fringe on the River -Fixed Sky Island Poles -Fixed The Go Into River Glitch -Fixed Text Overflow in scimmys glitch -Fixed Login Message -Fixed Walk Over Carpet -Fixed Map Floating Over Head -Fixed Not Being Able to lie in Bed :P -Fixed Walk Over SkyIsland Props -Fixed Player walk on Wall in Darom Quick Shop -Fixed Walk over Winter Pond -Fixed Fringe Cabin in Bank, and added a little touch -Added The Door in the back of the Guild -Fixed Bank of Eclipse, now it says Bank of EverEmber -Fixed Half on Plate in Training Island. -Fixed Half on Stairs in the winter village. -Fixed Walk on wall in sythen cave. -Fixed Walking to Avgard wrongly. -Fixed Walking on tree stump above winter village and below sky island. -Fixed Player on Rock & Logs Below Turgis. -Fixed Walking on wall in Turgis. -Fixed Being on top of fence at graveyard.