1. Only Parts of the Screen are Viewable

Sometimes when playing on Windows 7, some users have had a problem where not all of the screen in the game is viewable.

Solution: Currentely, there is no definite solution to this problem, but if you reinstall the install_eo_runtimes.exe it may solve the problem. Also try restarting your PC or running in Debug mode may work. See Debug Mode for more info.

This issue has been determined to be his intel graphics/nvidia setup. This issue should be resolved when he gets his video cable in and uses the nvidia card with the intel chip set disabled.

2. Run-time Error "5"

If you get Run-time Error "5", try restarting the game in-debug mode. See Debug Mode for more info. Once in debug mode if it happens again, go to the logs folder and copy the last line. Post the copied line to theForums , in the Bugs/Issues section.

Solution: Currentely being worked on.

3. Run-time Error '-2005401550 (88780032)'

"Run-time Error '-2005401550 (88780032)'" has been know to happen while fighting a Mushroom. It's a common error and is caused by the game not drawing the game sprites correctely. (<--- Please Correct me if I'm wrong.) When the Mushroom's HP gets low the Error may happen. It is Unkown whether or not it happens while fighting other monsters.

Solution: Restart Game.