Jinnigii Ayaa
Jinnigii Ayaa
Level : 28
HP : 4000
EXP : 5000
Damage : ?


Jinnigii Ayaa is one of the bosses you can fight in EverEmber Online.


Ayaa's Dwelling in Lindellin dungeon

Items Dropped & Drop RatesEdit


Due to this boss's drop, The Lost Amulet, this boss is very controversial, while veterans to the game know to keep the "Lost Amulet" quest and NEVER complete it, due to it's quest-specific drop, noobies tend to finish the quest on their first character, it is highly advised to not do so. The Lost Amulet is a quest item that upon first glance seems pointless, but after dying with this item in your inventory you see the amazing effect, a second life, due to this power people tend to abuse this for fighting bosses, it does not activate in PVP however.


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