Throughout EverEmber there are various shields for the player to wear. Wearing them will increase your stats and make your character more powerful.
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Level & Stat Requirement Name Stats How
3 Guard's Shield Guard's Shield END+3, AGI+3 Drop
5 Basic Shield Basic Shield STR+1, END+2, AGI+1 Vendor
5 Crusader's Shield Crusader's Shield END+8, AGI+4 Quest
7 Genophase Shield Genophase Shield BlockCh2%, END+4, AGI+2 Crafting
14, 8Str, 4End Sentite Shield Sentite Shield STR+5, END+8, BlockCh 5% Crafting
Pyromant Shield
15, 14STR Titan Shield Titan Shield END+18, AGI+4, Block Ch.7% Drop
17 Orc Shield Orc Shield STR+4, END+5, AGI+4 Drop
21, 10End, 5Int, 10Will Guardians Shield Guardians Shield INT+10, AGI+10, WILL+10 Drop
32, 20Str, 12End, Divine Shield Divine Shield BlockCh10%, STR+5, END+20 Drop

Below here is a list of all shields currently not available in-game:

- Wooden Shield