So far the only confirmed stats are Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Agility, and Willpower. The following stats will help you in many ways. You gain 1 stat point each time you level up. You may spend these points on any of the following stats mentioned below. Spending these stat points is vital, since it makes you stronger and gives you the ability to wear better armor and wield better weapons. Here is what each stat does and how much it benefits the user.


The Strength stat, once a skill point(s) is spent towards it, adds towards your Max melee damage.
[ STR / 2]

Strength also adds to your base damage reduction ratio from a successful block. IE: You block an attack successfully, less damage is done unto your character.
[STR *2]

Roll Of The Dice And Working out DmgEdit

Chance Dmg from 0 - (max Dmg) Max chance being 100%Edit

(Max Dmg) / <100> = x 

100 / x / 100 =  x  = roll chance of Dmg Between 0 to Max Dmg

Working out Dmg:Edit

(Item Dmg / 2) / 10) = a

(Str * 2) =  b

(b * a) = Total max Dmg

Notes From Blinkz: As ive been playing for 5 days now I was was pretty certain Item Dmg Was not calculated As Base Dmg so when i noticed It was Pretty Easy to work out seeing as only 2 things effect Dmg.


Endurance Adds to your Max Healthspan
[END * 30]

It also adds to your base parry probability.
[END * 0.25] As Of V26


Intelligence Adds to your Max Mana
[INT * 15]

Spell Dmg = (Spell Damage) + (Player Intelligence) * 0.5 

Note: Might be x 0.8 now.


Agility Adds to your base armor rating
[AGI * 2]

Also adds to your base dodge rate
[AGI / 83.3]

Adds to your base critical hit rate
[AGI / 52.08]

Noted that agility is main factor in ranged damage

  • Dodge Chance : 100 AGI = 10% Chance
  • Crit Chance: 100 AGI = 20% Chance


Willpower adds to your health regeneration rate.
(WILL *0.8)+6]

Also adds to your Mana Regeneration rate.
(WILL / 4) + 12.5]